Sunday, June 14, 2009


September 2005 -- Stephanie and Justin

Bridal Bouquet
white calla lilies -- wedding day
white, yellow calla lilies -- bridal portraits

white calla lilies

yellow, black baccara roses ~~ bells of Ireland ~~ red/orange, yellow lilies ~~ corkscrew willow ~~ beargrass ~~ hypericum/coffee bean berries ~~ leucodendron/flame tip ~~ bupleurum

Mother of the Bride Corsage
yellow orange calla lilies ~~ beargrass

Father of the Bride Boutonniere
yellow orange calla lily ~~ bear grass ~~ bupleurum

Photo Display
yellow orange calla lilies

Food Tables
black baccara, yellow roses ~~ orange/red, yellow lilies ~~ leucodendron/flame tip ~~ bupleurum ~~ hypericum/coffee bean berries
yellow roses ~~ orange/red, yellow lilies ~~ bells of Ireland ~~ beargrass ~~ leucodendron/flame tip ~~ bupleurum ~~ corkscrew willow ~~ hypericum/coffee bean berries

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